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Safety First.

For over 45 years ZADI SPA has been designing and manufacturing integrated systems for vehicle safety components which communicate with each other to assure the safest function and the best performance of the vehicle. The proof is in the loyalty to the Zadi brand of the world most prestigious motorcycles and scooters manufacturers.

The wide range of components includes: mechanical, electromechanical, electronic lock sets with immobilizer, analog and digital instruments, clusters, lights and blinkers, handlebar switches and odometers. The application fields range from the two-wheelers to the recreational, utility and fun vehicles, it also includes agricultural and gardening machines.


1962: The beginning

The acronym ZADI comes from the names of the founders, Mr. Antonio Zavatti and Mr. Enrico Diacci, two former employees of MAGNETI MARELLI who, after leaving the Company, engaged themselves in designing and manufacturing moulds exclusively for Magneti Marelli. A silent partner, Mr. Brenno Conti, soon replaced Antonio Zavatti, but the name of the Company did not change.

The '70s: Leadership in the domestic market

Just one year after being established, the Company starts manufacturing locks and in 1968 it becomes official supplier to PIAGGIO, a launching pad which, in a few years, will make ZADI the national leader in the field of lock sets for mopeds, motorcycles and scooters.

1977: Establishment of CSI

Sensing the criticality of quality consistency, especially in component assembling, ZADI established CSI s.r.l., a small but highly skilled company that devotes itself to designing and manufacturing industrial automations for ZADI and, recently, also for third parties: automatic machines to assemble all the lock components, to mill and bite keys and in general for any operation where an automatic equipment can replace manual labour.

The '80s: Internationalization and the European Leadership

The arrival of Mr. Aldo Quintavalla – currently Managing Director of the Group – marks the beginning of the internationalization process. In 1984 ZADI enters into negotiations with two Indian companies and subsequently stipulates technical and commercial collaboration agreements. ZADI technology and experience will dramatically contribute to the growth of the two Indian partners.

In 1985 ZADI starts working with the YAMAHA GROUP and more precisely with its French branch YAMAHA MBK. ZADI lock sets will equip the best selling scooter at the time, the BOOSTER.

In 1987 ZADI takes the challenge to become the number 1 O.E.M. supplier of security components for two-wheelers within 1990. In 1991 ZADI held already 90% of the European O.E.M. and, by taking over the German competitor GKS NEIMAN was able to achieve its goal becoming the only supplier of lock sets for motorcycle to the European O.E.M.

The '90s: Innovation and Diversification

Such an attractive market, however, could not be a monopoly for long. The Asian component manufacturers that, until then, had limited themselves to copying ZADI’s products for the after market, started becoming more and more aggressive and approaching the market with interchangeable cloned items at unbelievably low prices. In order to face such a growing threat, the Group had to options only: investing in Research and Development to design products well ahead of the market requirements and with high technological contents and diversify the range. Therefore, as the designers were working at more and more innovating solutions for the future of the two-wheelers, the Group grew and diversified itself by taking over FRATELLI GIUSSANI, an historic name in the field of industrial locks. Then came SEC, a small Modenese company that brought to the Group a long experience in electronics, thanks to the collaboration with the leading Formula 1 teams. In the year 2000 the long presence on the Indian market materialized with the establishment of a Joint Venture with the PAVNA Group, PAVNA ZADI SECURITY SYSTEMS Pvt., Ltd. that, thanks to the technological contribution of the Italian Group, started a new bid for the huge Indian market. The Group had two options only: investing in Research and Development to design products well ahead of the market requirements and with high technological contents and diver.

The 21st Century: from products to complete systems

In 2001 the Group grows bigger with the acquisition of a company that, in one hundred years, has marked the history of the motorcycle: FRATELLI PAGANI of Milan, manufacturer of lighting systems and instruments under the brand CEV.

ZADIGROUP stands now as a supplier of integrated and complete systems for two-wheelers and vehicles: lock sets, lights, instruments, odometers, switches and electronic solutions that project ZADIGROUP into the future of the vehicle: ZPS (Zadi Parking System), for parking easier and safer, RTS (Real Time Sensor) to monitor in real time the pressure and the temperature of the tyres, Window Module, intrusion alarm systems for windows and doors.

The Future

A steady commitment to take up and win the challenge: to be the best, for our Customers, for our territory, for ourselves.