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Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips


Tip 1: Should I take special precautions using my refrigerator during winter?
We advise using Thetford winter covers on the ventilation grills from 8 degrees Celsius and below to ensure optimum performance. Winter covers can be obtained as an accessory from your Thetford point of sale.

Tip 2: At my travel destination, my refrigerator does not operate very well. What could be the problem?
When your refrigerator does not operate properly, please check:

  • Whether your caravan is level in both directions (lengthwise + widthwise).
  • Whether the ventilation openings of the cooling system at the back of the refrigerator are blocked.

Tip 3: How do I remove stubborn (calcium) deposits from the waste holding tank?
With Thetford Cassette Tank Cleaner. It thoroughly cleans the inside of the waste holding tank and removes the stubborn (calcium) deposits.